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Check out the opening sequence for All Around Artsy's, 'Demon Pills'.
Winner of the 48 Hour Film Project: New Orleans 2017 for "Best Sound Design". This score was composed and recorded in 48 Hours.
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This music is not available for licensing.

About Other Southern


Based in Greenville, SC, Other Southern is a audio and visual production company, studio, and record label.  We offer many services including:


Recording and Mastering

Composition for Film, Commercials, & Video Games

Violin Studio Session Work

Sound Operation for Film & Commercial

Music Videos







A Short Film by All Around Artsy.  Original music scored by Robert Gowan of Other Southern. Production Coodrdination & Sound Operation by Robert Gowan.   

"My Show"

Produced by All Around Artsy. Assistant Direction, Music, Recording, and Sound Operation by Other Southern during Asheville's 48 Hour Film Festival. (in 48 hours!)


"In the Ground"

My Girl My Whiskey & Me's debut album.  Produced, recorded, & Mastered at Other Southern Studios. Violin Session work by Robert Gowan 

"Meant to be Broken"

An Upcoming feature film by DC Dogs. Sound by Other Southern during the Asheville, NC portion of filming.

"Puzzix 2"

An upcoming video game from Oz Machine.  Music composed and performed by Other Southern.


"New Blood"

Morgan of the Pines' debut album. Tracks 1, 3, and 10 recorded and produced at Other Southern Studio. Album art & design by Other Southern & MOTP. Violin session work on track 10 by Robert Gowan. 


Cameron Cook's debut feature film. Original score composed and performed by Other Southern.


Niad Student Showcase 2017

Event photography by Other Southern

"Song from a Book of Memories"

Lynne Holcombe's debut album. Violin and Vocal Session work on tracks 1, 4, 5, 7, 10, 13.

"Closet Made of Sheets"

Short Film by All Around Artsy. Sound Operation and Design by Other Southern.


Vilai Harrington's first full length LP. Violin session work on 1, 2, 8.

"Emeline Muffet Gives Up Her Tuffet"

A short film by Stephen Boatwright. Original music provided by Other Southern.

"The Ruin of Ghosts"

Solace's 20th album. Violin session work by Robert Gowan on track 3.